4 Key Ways to Succeed in College!

Everyone makes mistakes their freshman year of college and then later says, "I wish I did / didn't do ____". Making mistakes is what helps you grow and mature as an adult. However, there are some tips we want to give you before heading into college to make sure you get a good start!

1. Get Involved

Getting involved on your campus is the best way to make new friends, meet people in your classes, and find out who you are at college. The best way to do this is by Going to Events or Programs your school is hosting and introduce yourself to EVERYONE. College is all about making connections and networking and there is no better way to do that than by going somewhere where everyone will be. Another way to get involved is to participate in class, talk to your teachers and peers, and make your voice heard. Everyone enjoys talking to someone who is outgoing and friendly, as it makes having conversations much easier.

2. Stay Organized and Focused

Staying organized and on top of your assignments is extremely important when it comes to doing well in college. Professors / Teachers usually don't remind you when due dates are coming up and don't care as much if you don't do well. Some ways to stay organized is to...

  • Have a Calendar / Schedule

  • Write down important dates

  • Develop good time management

3. Set Goals

You should always set some goals for each semester. No goal is too big or too small. Also, If you are living on campus, having a side hobby or something to do on your free time is a good stress reliever. Some goals could include getting healthy and active by going to the gym, getting straight A's, reading X amount of books, starting a new company, etc.

4. Save Money!

It's very easy to spend a ton of money in college, but try to save as much as possible where you can.

  • One way to save money is to wait for the first day of class to get any textbooks. Most professors don't even use the textbook but have to provide a book for the course.

  • Use subscription services like to save money on toiletries and cut spending in half. Toilet paper, Cleaning wipes, and paper towels can all be extremely expensive at the store or even on Amazon, save money by signing up and getting what you need every month.

  • Bring as much stuff as you can from home so you don't have to buy as much at the store when you're at school.