How to keep your college dorm bathroom "clean".

Keeping your dorm bathroom can be tricky especially when you share a room with others and everyone has a different view of "clean". Well, let us tell you what a good level of clean is for a college dorm and how to get everyone you live with on the same page!

Keeping a happy and clean dorm room bathroom starts with YOU! If you don't do your share of keeping things clean, neither will your roommates. Start by cleaning the toothpaste out of the sink after brushing your teeth, wiping down the mirror if there are water splatters on it, keeping pee off the toilet seat after you pee (or lift up the seat), put your garbage in the trash, and make sure you flush the toilet!

Doing these things are taking steps at a clean and happy bathroom.

Now, how to get your suite-mates / roommate to do their share of cleaning as well. Well there are several ways to go about this...

  • Have a talk in the beginning about bathroom cleanliness expectations so that there are no surprises when they pee on the seat and you are upset about it. Just having a conversation with the person(s) you live with ahead of time will save you frustrations, awkward conversations, and fights later on down the road.

  • If it's too late for the talk and you are getting frustrated with their mess (maybe you have already cleaned up after then a few times), you have some options. You can talk with your RA or someone in charge to set some rules for your room to keep the bathroom clean or kindly ask your roommate and suite-mate to start cleaning up after themselves.

Overall, clean up after yourself and keep your stuff tidy so your roommates and suite-mates do the same.