How to Switch to DormlyBox!

Step 1: Stop Spending

DormlyBox is the most affordable delivery service for bathroom essentials. So...STOP spending money anywhere else! DormlyBox is almost 35% cheaper than super markets and other retail stores and 10-15% cheaper than wholesale websites like BJs, Costco, etc. when it comes to price per roll.

Step 2: Take Our Quiz

Take a quiz on our Get Started page and let us pick which of our preset boxes would be best for you. OR, you can build your own box and add the products and quantities you want!

Step 3: Select Frequency

On all of our preset box options, we offer one-time purchase and subscription. With subscription, you can get the same box every month so you don't have to worry about re-ordering!

Step 4: Checkout & Collect

Checkout and your box will be to you in 2-4 business days! Also, for every dollar you spend at DormlyBox, you get it back in rewards! Collect 350 points and you can get a free box!