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We made this
service for you.

In 2022 we launched DormlyBox, with the simple goal of making bathroom essentials affordable and convenient for college students. We created a brand that we wanted for ourselves: high-quality products, fair prices that shipped fast and was easy and quick to place an order. We were college students who started this business, for college students. We hope we can make a difference in how you get your bathroom essentials.

Our passion for what we do

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DormlyBox was founded by college students and made for college students. We understand the struggles of dorm life and the challenges that come with it. That's why we are passionate about what we do. 

Our Founders

Jared and Jaelen were two college roommates who realized that many students faced the same problem: bathroom essentials were expensive and that they didn't have a car to go to the store. Thus, DormlyBox was born. They started by creating a list of essential items and sourcing them from reliable suppliers. Today, DormlyBox is helping students living both on and off campus save money on bathroom essentials.

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Check out some 
cool things we've done!

DormlyBox Founders

Sponsored Rutgers Basketball team in

collaboration with Fox Sports Radio

Released our Own branded products. Flushable Wipe packs & Stench Stopper Toilet Spray.

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DormlyBox Commercial

Aired our own commercial on Hulu!

Won 1st Place and $8,000 at a Business Plan Competition

DormlyBox Founders
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Thank you for your continued support

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