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A service created for college students, by college students. We know the struggle!

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One Shared Vision

Both Jared (left) and Jaelen (right) spent their college life in dorm rooms with no car on campus and no money to spend on outrageously priced bathroom essentials.

The two teamed up to create a bathroom essential delivery service that would both deliver essentials to customers doors as well as offer the most affordable prices for everyday bathroom essentials.

How we are giving back!

Since we started, we wanted to give back to the community in some way. Since January 2022, we pledged to donate a pack of toilet paper for every 50 DormlyBoxes sold!

As Seen On

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DormlyBox at Rutgers

Why DormlyBox?

20/10 Experience

We take pride in our customer service and satisfaction to provide the best experience possible - Every Single Time.

Spend Less

You don't need to be spending $50+ on bathroom essentials. Get everything in one box for the lowest price.

Made For Students

DormlyBox. was created by students for students. It's stressful enough to be in college, let us do the annoying part of living on your own.

Find a DormlyBox For You!

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