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General Questions

What is DormlyBox?

DormlyBox is an affordable toiletry delivery service. We supply affordable boxes of toiletries such as toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, Clorox wipes, flushable wipes, tissues, and hand soap.


You can choose one of our bundle boxes or build your own box!

Can I purchase products individually?

Yes! You can go to our "Shop" page and checkout with the products you want and need! Or, you can go to "Build A Box" and we can assist you in building the box you need!

I never got a confirmation email

Please check your spam folder and then contact us as soon as possible!​

How does DormlyBox work?

We offer different preset boxes, each containing different products that we provide and different quantities of each. Choose one, Select how often you want to get your box (Monthly Subscription or One-Time Purchase), and enjoy affordable and convenient toiletry delivery!


We also provide the option to completely customize a box and add the products you want on our "Build A Box" page.​

Do you accept returns or box exchanges?

No. We do not accept returns of full boxes or individual products inside the box at any time.

If there was an issue with your UNOPENED purchase where you need a refund, DB does not absorb any costs or expenses of the box returning back to us. You are responsible for all shipping costs once we send it to you.

Need to speak with customer support?

Text Us:
(917) 426-7586

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